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Santa Cruz Bicycles!

Based in the riding mecca of Santa Cruz, California, Santa Cruz Bicycles meticulously designs and develops some of the best-riding, most-fun bicycles money can buy. Using only the finest materials and manufacturing standards, Santa Cruz is at the pinnacle of technology, value and riding enjoyment.

From XC rockets to full-on downhill monsters to freeride rippers, Santa Cruz full-suspension rides feature their Virtual Pivot Point suspension design (VPP) that provides up to 100% pedal-power efficiency by balancing chain-pulling forces with rider-induced bob to eliminate unwanted compression without limiting bump absorption.

So how do the bikes actually ride? With the renowned VPP suspension your precious pedal power is applied to moving you forward with no wallowing or pedal bob. It also means that the suspension remains ultra plush to keep your wheels tracking on the ground giving you the greatest control regardless if you're climbing a technical section at slow speed or
railing a rough, rooty descent at scenery-blurring velocity.

Whether you're part of the endurance crowd or hang with the slopestyle superstars, Santa Cruz has a bike that'll take you and your passion to the next level! With world-class riders giving invaluable feedback, every Santa Cruz bike is dialed-in to provide the ride of your life! From hardtails to VPP bikes, Santa Cruz has it all!

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Tallboy C S-Kit Medium

Tallboy C R1x-Kit Large

Bronson C R1x-Kit - Medium

Hightower C R1x-Kit Large

5010 C S-Kit Medium 5010 C R1x-Kit Large

Tallboy C S-Kit 27.5 Plus

Tallboy C R1x-Kit 27.5 Plus Hightower C R1x-Kit 27.5 Plus

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