TEAM Cycling & Fitness is with you every pedal stroke you take.

Team Cycling and Fitness values and appreciates all of our customers. Our overall goal is to do our best to not only make shopping for a bike easy, but making sure for the entire life of the bike we are by your side for all of your cycling needs. When you leave our doors with a new bike, you have made a life long ally for all of your cycling needs. 

Our Core Values

The biggest and most important core value of our staff, is also one of the many reasons we are different.  When someone walks in to buy a bike, a lot of times they are a complete beginner knowing nothing about a bicycle. We will not let you leave without understanding what it is you're buying and how it works. Our staff will walk you through shifting, braking, geometry, and, if applicable, suspension setup.

TEAM Cycling & fitness has been a trusted bicycle shop for over 39 years under the same ownership.  We have an A+ rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau), so if references are important to you then check out our testimonials page to see what our customers have said. 

We do not believe that you can tell how you will like a bike just from looking at it. That's why we took steps to go above and beyond what is expected from an ordinary bike shop.  Here at TEAM Cycling & Fitness we offer FREE 24 hour tst rides. 

Our goal as a TEAM, is to ultimately have you 100% satisfaction with your purchase. Not only at the time of the sale, but also after you've ridden the bike for a couple weeks.  If you're not satisfied with your purchase within 30 days and want a better bike, that is no problem.  We will let you trade up to a better bike with no additional charges and no money lost.

Matchless Advantage 

TEAM Cycling & Fitness New Bicycle Service Policies:

Standard free service with every priced bicycle includes:

  • Crank adjustment
  • Hub adjustment
  • Brake adjustments
  • Gear adjustments
  • Headset adjustments

Bicycles at $300.00 - $499.99 = 1 year

Bicycles at $500.00 - $1,999.99 = 2 year

Pavement bicycles at $2000 plus get LIFETIME gear, brake, hub, crank and headset adjustments, PLUS FREE labor for installing tires and tubes purchased from TEAM Cycling & Fitness.

* All off road bikes over $2000 receive 2 years service only.

* Service applies only on regular priced bicycles. Sale bicycles are not included and will have service specified with sale price. 

* All bikes come with a free basic fit.

* All accessories purchased with a new bike are installed at no charge. 

Value and Appreciation Statement

TEAM Cycling & Fitness VALUES and APPRECIATES all of out customers.  Out goal is to do our best to make and keep you 100% satisfied on all your visits.

We help educate and teach out customer about cycling safety and minor maintenance with FREE clinics.

TEAM Cycling & Fitness supports many cycling and charity events throughout the year with our repair services FREE of charge. We do this to make these events possible. It makes the event more fun, safe and enjoyable for your fellow riders and you. 

We competitively price our bicycle parts, accessories and labor so we can give you quality products and the professional services you deserve. 

We in return hope that our customers will VALUE and APPRECIATE us. Just like your job and any other business, it tkaes training, time and tools. That is why we have to charge for our services. 

Ask yourself, do department stores, web stores and mail order places do this? Can they fix your bicycle problems? Do they have the professional tools, knowledge and experience? Do they support your local cycling communities?

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